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Extreme Brand Identifier (EBI Blog)

Videography 101

Getting Started in film? Getting started in videography involves a bit of learning and a lot of doing. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. For instance, you

Business Model

A business model is what enables a business to meet customer needs and meet business objectives. The best models are tailored to the customer's needs and to the industry. Developing

Target Audience (Important)

A Target Audience refers to the group of consumers who are interested in your product or service. While most products and services have an obvious sphere of influence, there are

Competitive Markets?

How to Define for Your Business! Whether you are a small startup or a major corporation, your business is likely to be in a competitive market. The best way to

How to Prevent Startup Failure

ATXWD Style Throughout the last two years, there has been a slew of startups that have been forced to close due to a number of factors, including lack of funding,

Logo Creation

There are many different ways to start creating a logo, but one of the most common is to use a pen and paper to brainstorm ideas. Using a sketch pad

How a Design to Cost Strategy Can Improve Branding

Competitive Advantage a company can tie costs to design decisions in a holistic manner. This translates to higher profitability and happier customers. A Design to Cost approach also improves the

Importance of Company Culture

Creating a good company culture is one of the hardest things to do. This is because culture is the sum total of an organization's prevailing habits and values. It influences

Parts of a website!

The 4 Main Parts of a Website Having a website is a great way to promote your business. However, there are several parts that you need to keep in mind

Road To Success

How to Achieve Success? Having a clear goal is a must if you want to achieve anything in this life. One way to achieve the tops of your game is

Why Hire A Pro Agency?

Online marketing! Hiring a professional marketing agency will provide you with many benefits. You' will 'll be able to get your website designed by a team of experienced professionals who


Keys to Business Scalability Business Scalability means that a business can continue to grow at a steady rate while ensuring that costs do not increase too quickly.Businesses that focus on

Teamwork (productivity)

Teamwork increases productivity and solves problems more efficiently.  With teamwork new ideas can flourish and goals are reached faster. Without teamwork, individual performance is limited by individual knowledge and skill

Using a Website Builder?

WordPress! Using a website builder allows you to create a professional looking website without the need to learn to code. Some builders offer templates for a wide variety of themes,

What websites need to financially succeed in 2023?

2. Performance In order for a website to convert visitors into customers it must be quick to load! We use WPRocket to achieve blazing fast websites, you can also use

Brand Imagery

While branding has been an integral part of our lives for decades, the use of imagery is particularly important in today's digital world. According to one estimate, people will see

ATX-WD Internship

To join ATX-WD's team of developers listen closely to the following: Been a WordPress Developer for 1+ yrs. Be able to work a min of 20 hrs./week Be able to

Social Media

Social Media Marketing Until recently, most brands and marketers focused on gathering fans of their products and services on social media. But it turns out that a hundred passionate fans


Have you seen our pricing page; its jam packed with high level branding features only the big box stores are privileged to. Not anymore, with ATX-WD you can get more

Search Engine Optimization

How to Optimize Your Website!You've probably heard about the benefits of local SEO but don't know how to optimize your website for local SERPs. The good news is that it's