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Website Speed Tests – Using GTMetrix and Pingdom to Test Website Speed

A few free tools exist to help you test your website’s performance. The Google PageSpeed Insights tool, for example, lets you check your speed from different locations. It can also suggest ways to speed up your site, such as using cookie-free domains and minimizing redirects. Another option is GTmetrix. This tool grades sites from F to A and generates a report that includes metrics from Google’s Lighthouse tool, waterfall breakdown, video, and history.

GTMetrix is the tool that I use to test my sites.

Report will help you determine the causes of slow loading and give you suggestions for improving your site’s speed. In addition to providing recommendations on how to improve your site’s speed, it will also display a waterfall chart that lets you visualize the loading process. These charts display the time it takes for each resource and which take the longest. The tool will also show you whether a resource is cached or compressed, a key factor for the site speed.

Other useful tools include Google Analytics. This allows you to view how many visitors your site is receiving from which location. You can also look at your Google Analytics results to see if your visitors are in Singapore. The Singapore servers will reflect the true speed of your website. In addition, you can run several speed tests and see how different regions perform. The CDN test can help you determine the effectiveness of your CDN. If you’re not sure which CDN to use, try running the tests from different locations.

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