What plan to choose?

ATXWD what plan to choose

Before you create your website!

Here’s what to expect to recieve.

  • You’ll receive a WordPress site.
  • You’ll learn to edit &
  • Receive design help
  • Scalability


  • Starting a new website?
  • Re-designing old website?
  • Creating custom branded website?
  • Creating new product extension?

Choosing the right level.

Finding the right marketing agency to create the best plan of action is an important part of the process in keeping a business alive. There is no right or wrong way to do this. In order to find your niche market, you must go through a little trial and error.

ATXWD come home

I have studied marketing and branding for over a decade and during this time I have built and managed several types of unique businesses. There is one thing that I have learned is that all business is the same. Without proper care and management of the important stuff (marketing) the business will inevitably fail over time. Maybe it’s 5 years after opening up, or maybe it’s when the owner/operator passes away because there was no one to carry on the legacy of the brand!


  • Starting a new website?
  • Re-designing old website?
  • Creating custom branded website?
  • Creating new product extension?

Choosing Between Shared VPS & Dedicated C-Panel

Hosting is a critical service not normally provided by a web designer. The hosting service provider creates specialized back-end computing infrastructure for each website. The website owner/developer utilizes this infrastructure to create a website and place it on the hosting company’s servers.

The websites are differentiated from one another by their unique domain name and logically allocated Web space. Once the website is published, Internet users can access it.

ATXWD Branding Winners

Shared space is suitable for sites with less traffic. Usually, shared hosting is the starting point of a small business or blog. Shared space involves sharing a physical server with many other websites but without having to do the technical work of managing a C-Panel. Shared hosting is cheap and easy to set up. It is a good choice for websites that will grow over time or those that generate unpredictable traffic spikes.

Website speed and added security is an important factor to consider when choosing a hosting service provider. Your visitors’ experience will be significantly improved if you’re website loads quickly. Forty percent of visitors expect a site to load in three seconds or less. 

If it takes longer, they will leave without viewing it. 

You can increase the speed of your site by selecting a dedicated C-Panel to manage the backend plugins and applications used to run your website. You can begin building out your website by learning the parts of a website.

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